Unclogging a Toilet; Use The Correct Toilet Plunger

There are 2 types of plungers, one is for sinks and the other is for toilets.  I suggest you invest in both types of plungers.

Sink Plunger

Picture 1.1


The plunger that is shaped like a ball cut in half, picture 1.1 is a plunger.

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Picture of Toliet Plunger

Picture 1.2


The plunger pictured in 1.2 with an extended throat, is a normal toilet plunger.

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Bellows Toilet Plunger

Picture 1.3


Pictured in 1.3 is a bellows style toilet plunger, used to clear stubborn blockages. This type of toilet plunger can deliver up to 7 times the force in clearing a clogged toilet.
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Side view of toliet drain

Picture 1.4


In picture 1.4 we show the side view of a toilet. The “S” section of the toilet is where the majority of blockages occur and a toilet plunger is adequate for removing these types of blockages.






Homeowner Toilet Auger

Picture 1.5
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If the blockage is at the bottom of the toilet where it transitions into the waste pipe you should be able to clear it with a tool called a toilet snake, pictured in 1.5. If it is further down the line you will most likely have to pull the toilet and rod the main line. This effort will require a plumber or at least a serious do-it-yourself person and a rented rodding machine.

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To properly operate either type of plunger you will need to submerge it into the standing water, as I demonstrate in the video.  You  use the plunging motion to move the standing water into and through the drain and force the blockage down the pipe.


If by chance someone has dropped a toy,hairbrush, toothbrush, etc. you probably should spend some effort trying to retrieve it rather than pushing it further down the pipe. To do this slowly compress the plunger, holding it at a slight angle to the throat of the toilet and with it compressed slide it securely into the throat and let it pop up. This motion may help to suck the object back into the bowl.

I hope this article and my How To Use a Toilet Plunger video has helped you understand the different types of plungers and how to correctly use a toilet plunger.

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