Explaining the Generation Terms Gen Y, Baby Boomers……….

We have all heard the generational terms and the personality traits associated with each. Expert opinions vary greatly on some fringe attitudes of each group, but the core of each group remains basically the same. What group do you belong to?  Leave a comment below telling us what characteristics you have observed in your generational group, or in the other generational groups.


The Silent Generation = Born before 1946

Current population 41 million, rapidly declining

People born of this generation valued comfort, security and familiarity of surroundings. They were positively influenced by the post war boom, on one hand, but the threat of nuclear war, and cold war tension brought an air of uncertainty to their lives.

Baby  Boomers = 1946 to 1964

Current population 71 million

Some generational experts say 18 years is too large for a general classification. People born to the front end of the generation have totally different experiences than those born in the last years of the generation.  Early Boomers were shaped by the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations as well as the Viet Nam war. They also had the vision of great potential for America and their lives.  Later Boomers struggled trusting the government, after Watergate. Protests against the war, and the oil embargo of 1979 added to the dampening of this vision.

= 1965 to 1980

Current population about 41 million

Sometimes called the “lost generation” they were certainly they are the original “latchkey” generation, being exposed to lots of daycare and divorce. They also are the generation with the lowest voting participation.

= 1981 to 1994 Also called Echo Boomers or Millennial Generation

Current Population about 71 million

Gen “Y” people are the most sophisticated and incredibly savvy when it comes to technology. Usual sales and marketing techniques don’t work on them as they have seen it all, having been exposed to it all since early childhood. This exposure has also caused them to be extremely flexible in style, fashion and brand loyalty doesn’t mean what it does to other generations.

Gen  Z = 1995 to 2005

Current population 23 million and growing

It is too early to draw many conclusions about the generation as a whole, but we do know about the environment in which they are growing up in. Fluid and changing in an instant, they are growing up totally connected to the internet and the world. This is the most ethnically and culturally diverse generation.

Understanding what was happening during their informative years will help you to relate, understand, and work with people from other generations. Always remember that “perception is their reality”

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