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Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Save Time and Money Without Home Remodeling Nightmares

Enter The Dimension Bible for Remodelers and DIYers . You could say this book took me 40 years to write, since it is a collection of information I have gleaned over that period of time. Sure some of the book is accepted practice in the remodeling industry but much of it is drawn from my personal experiences.

Universal Design is For Everyone

If we take a look at universal design in our homes we can find many examples that a mere 10 years ago were absent from our home. Although some of which may have been used commercially or in situations where you were building or remodeling for disabled persons. Infrared sensors on faucets and hand dryers are just such examples, as are infrared sensors on toilets.

Universal Design in the Kitchen

If you need examples please refer to my other articles on universal design. Please remember universal design is not just for disabled people. If you are designing for a disabled person and/or a wheel chair bound person please refer to the ADA guidelines for kitchen design.

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