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Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Save Time and Money Without Home Remodeling Nightmares

Enter The Dimension Bible for Remodelers and DIYers . You could say this book took me 40 years to write, since it is a collection of information I have gleaned over that period of time. Sure some of the book is accepted practice in the remodeling industry but much of it is drawn from my personal experiences.

Quality Remodeling Increases Home Value

There is no doubt that a substantial and well thought out remodeling project will improve the value of your home, and therefore the sale price of your home, depending on various factors. The rule of thumb is that any remodeling project ………….

Destroying the 3 Bid Myth

It is not necessary to obtain 3 bids for a remodeling project to feel comfortable with the price. There are trusted resources available that can give you fair market costs for your project. The focus then shifts to the capabilities of the contractor and your ability to effectively communicate with them.

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