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Glass Interior Doors, Dress It Up

I have installed them as a kitchen pantry door and a master bathroom door.

Organize Your Kitchen and Simplify Your Life

Begin to put things back, starting with larger items first. Store pots, pans and cooking utensils near the stove, nesting the pots and pans together to conserve space. Make sure each one you choose to keep has a matching lid. This is also a good time to make sure handles are securely fastened, so

Kitchen Countertop Electrical Solution

Enter Mockett and Company ( and their line of innovative products. Their tagline is “Fine Architectural Hardware For Your Fine Furniture” and they mean it.

Top Kitchen and Bath Trends in 2011

When hiring any professional, you want to make sure they stay current on the latest products and trends. Do your research and ask the key questions of the potential designers to gauge their knowledge, so your finished project is all it can be.

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