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2015 Cost vs Value Report

Here you will find all types of remodeling projects, the cost of, the scope of, and the amount of money you can expect to recover or get back when you sell.

Kitchen Remodeling; The Probing Questions

Taking the process one step further would be to include energy saving “Green” materials and equipment. For instance, you could use Energy Star appliances. All the lighting, should at a minimum, use CFL bulbs, but I would prefer using LED bulbs. A note on using LED lighting; LED type bulbs project a more directional light and will require well thought out placement to insure you have sufficient light where it is needed.

How To Properly Size a Kitchen Exhaust Hood

There are 2 ways to correctly size the fan. The first method is to allow 1 CFM of air flow for every 100 BTU’s of heat output of each appliance. The second is to allow for 15 ACH (Air Changes per Hour). To calculate that you would use the formula width x length x height= cubic feet/4. Then multiply by 15 ACH and divide by 60 minutes = total CFM’s needed.

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