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How To Build a Home: Step by Step

Building a home is a step by step process, and can turn into a nightmare if the steps are not completed in order. In this article we will provide a general outline of the steps and the order they should be completed in the construction process. Some steps must be completed before others, while others may be completed together, or their timing may be somewhat flexible.

How to Correctly Select A Lot For Your New Home

The following is a checklist and to do list. Hopefully you will read this article before you have actually purchased your lot, as some of the items below are best done before the actual purchase of a lot.

Assess your financial situation

Construction Terminology

Understand the above terms and their application and you will know more than 95% of homeowners, and you will impress your remodeling contractor and more importantly you will increase the effectiveness of your communication during your project.


My name is John, Contractor John. I have been in the home remodeling and building business for over 40 years. I have earned a CGR (certified graduate remodelor) and a CGB (certified graduate builder) designation from the NAHB (national association of homebuilders). I have sat on the Educational Advisory Board for the Midwest Builders Show […]

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