Organize Your Kitchen and Simplify Your Life

Our kitchens are easily the busiest room in our homes.  From cooking and entertaining to a place for your kids to do their homework, play board games or work on their arts and crafts projects, it can be easily overrun from such things as art supplies, outdated spices or unused or damaged utensils.


To begin organizing your you must first go through your and discard anything you don’t use. This will include food products, spices or medicines/vitamins kept in the that are beyond their expiration dates.   Then take everything out of your cupboards and drawers, and wash the insides with warm soapy water. Rinse, let dry and replace cupboard and drawer liners with fresh, new ones.


Begin to put things back, starting with larger items first. Store pots, pans and cooking utensils near the stove, nesting the pots and pans together to conserve space.  Make sure each one you choose to keep has a matching lid.  This is also a good time to make sure handles are securely fastened, so keep a screwdriver handy to tighten down skillet handles or pot lids if necessary.  Keep your dishes and silverware near your eating area or your dishwasher to shorten meal preparation or cleanup time.  Plastic storage containers, and we always have a lot of these, should be inventoried to ensure each has a matching lid and that they are free from cracks or other damage.  Store them near your refrigerator to ease meal cleanup time.


Alphabetize your spices and keep them near the stove on a spice rack or in a nearby cupboard on a revolving rack.  Another handy storage device for spices is a small plastic container approximately 12’ x 9” x 2 ½” tall. Place all your spices in the container and keep on a cabinet shelf. When you need spices simply set the container on the counter and find your spice.


Store food items that you use on a daily in a place you can easily grab them when needed.  Organize your pantry so that similar canned goods are in the same place and can be found easily when it’s time to cook meals. Also storing like items together will help making a grocery list. Make sure your childrenc an easily reach items they use on a regular basis, and make sure items such as knives, scissors, and household chemicals are out of reach and secured in a locked cabinet.  Utilize airtight food storage containers to lengthen the shelf life of your foods.


If you have small appliances on your kitchen countertop that you don’t use on a regular basis, remove them and store there in a nearby cupboard or pantry. A counter top storage cabinet for those appliances that are used on a regular basis keeps them out of site and helps reduce the countertop clutter.

An organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen and one that is a joy to cook in.



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