Garage Organization Made Simple

You’ve conquered your house, your home office, and your car, and you’ve mastered the art of scheduling and cooking in bulk.  But your is still a cluttered and unorganized mess.  As with everything else, a neat and organized is attainable with just a little elbow grease and some simple storage solutions.


First, get a handle on the mess by moving everything out to sort through what goes and what stays.  Large, clear plastic containers can help you do this. They’re great for clearing away the clutter and then using for storage.  Be ruthless with yourself during the sorting and purging process.  Don’t keep paint from a project two years ago, and if you have parts to things you no longer have, get rid of those parts as well.

Consider adding several storage cabinets to your garage. The big home improvement stores have great displays featuring creative systems. You don’t have to buy the entire system; just a few pieces will help tremendously. Look for units that offer keyed locks, so you’re able to store poisonous materials and sharp tools out of children’s reach.


The garage is also where most of your kid’s sporting goods and outdoor toys are stored. To keep bats and balls, frisbee s, etc.  organized, purchase a hamper-style organizer. Designate a section for each child.  Bicycles can be hung up to free up floor space. Add a bin or shelf outside to store messy, muddy shoes as well.


Find a workable storage solution for all the little things in your garage.  Organize bolts, screws, nails, fasteners and other small parts into small clear containers so you can easily see what each contains.  Organize into steady stacks or consider installing a shelving unit to house these out of the reach of small and curious fingers. A thrifty solution is to re-purpose plastic food jars with screw on lids.  Simply take a 1×4 or 2×4 for a longer span and secure the jar lids to the bottom of the 2×4, leaving room between so your hand can fit to screw the jar to the lid. There you gave an inexpensive and easy way to see what is in the jars storage solution


For long-handled items, such as rakes and shovels, there are many systems you can reasonably purchase that anchor to the wall and eliminate the clutter Pegboard or a newer product called slat board can also be installed on garage walls, and can be a simple solution for hanging items such as rakes or shovels out of the way.  Large deep hooks are perfect for hanging a ladder and bikes can be hung and kept off the garage floor as well.


Now that you’ve practiced on your house, your office and your car, organizing your garage is a snap with a little creativity, some hard work, and a well thought out plan.


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  1. John says:

    Hi John,

    Our Moen kitchen pull out faucet is making funny noise when turn to the hot side , no hot water flowing out, only slow flow of cold water on the hot side. but strong flow of cold water on the cold side.
    Is this the cartridge problem? thanks for your reply at your convenience.

    • Contractor John says:

      I would think something like dirt or a piece of rust is clogging the cartridge. I would suggest you purchase a new cartridge and replace it. A tip for you would be when the cartridge is out turn the water valve under the sink on very slowly and flush out the debris, but be very careful as water will shoot to the ceiling very easily, maybe have someone help you. Also when you install the new one turn the water on very slowly as turning it on fast will break loose rust and debris i=on the inside of the water pipe…. Good luck

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