Wagner Airless Sprayers; Save Your Money

When I started this blog and specifically tool reviews I told myself I was going to focus on the positive. Well change that. I just went through my second Wagner airless paint sprayer, painting the basement ceiling. What a terrible product, absolutely horrible. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT purchase Wagner products.
Note to Wagner: Yes I read the directions, multiple times, and I was using Glidden interior latex paint. We dismantled both guns several times and both are having the same problem, won’t spray. We thinned the paint and it sprays for 5 minutes and quits. Please build a product that works in the field in real life and stop concerning yourself with price point.
Note to Self: When you buy cheap products expect they won’t last. Although I really expected the first gun to last for 2 small jobs and the second one didn’t make it halfway through the one job.
Now hopefully the next post will be back to the positive, although I owe my readers the truth when I come across an obviously inferior product such as Wagner airless sprayers.

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