Surge Protection for The Entire House


We have all heard of surge protectors. Surge protection is usually integrated into those power strips we use to plug all our computer equipment into. In days gone by that may have been enough protection, but not in today’s world of home electronics.

Enter the whole house surge protector. Although studies show that only about 20% to 30% of power surges originate from outside the house, the larger most dangerous surges originate from outside the house. A typical whole house surge protector installation will cost in the $200 to $500 range and will protect you from these surges originating outside our house. Most homes with 120 volt service can be adequately protected with an 80kA surge protection device.

Before you throw that surge protected power strip away remember that 60% to 70% of power surges originate from inside the house. These smaller but equally dangerous surges come from motors, larger appliances, and units cycling on and off.

Houses today have an ever growing amount of electronics that can be damaged by either type of power surge. Even LED light bulbs have a printed circuit board inside them which can be damaged by a onetime power surge or weakened over time by smaller surges.

You cannot protect everything in your home for every possible surge, but it is a good practice to have a whole house surge protection unit installed in your home by a qualified electrician, and keep the surge protected power strips for all your computer, audio and video equipment.
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