Selling Your Home? Create a Great 1st Impression


There is a lot of truth in the old adage “You Only Have 1 Time to Make a 1st Impression”. So it is with the appearance of your house. Of course you want your house to look nice when family and friends come by to visit, but the outside appearance of your home, curb appeal, is critical when you are selling your home. Get past the exterior and there are the first impressions when someone enters the house.

Here are a few tips to improve the 1st impression of your house.


  • Looking at your own house objectively is very difficult. I suggest you contact a local designer or interior decorator. Ask them what their hourly rate is, and offer to pay them for an hour to come out and look at your house, suggesting things you could do to improve the appeal of it.


  • Begin with a look at the front of your house as visitors or prospective buyers would, from across the street. Take plenty of notes, and remember now is not the time to disagree.


  • Next enter your home with the designer and let them look around. Remember you want the prospective of someone who does not know you and has not been in your house before. Continue to take notes as you move from room to room. The look, feel and smell of the house are critically important and could sway a prospective buyer one way or the other.


  • When you are done walking through your house, spend some time going over your notes and clarifying things you do not understand. Ask the designer for inexpensive solutions to the problem areas they have identified.


After going through the above process I think you will areas of improvement you never would have thought of. A few dollars and some elbow grease and your home will make a great 1st impression.
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