Protecting Your Home

It is not something that many of us think of daily, but houses are broken into daily. In 2013 there were in excess of 8.5 million property crimes committed in the U.S. Burglars look for an easy way into a house. Making it difficult will help to deter them from entering. Here are some tips to make your home more secure.


Exterior precautions

·         Installing motion activated lights.

·         Be a good neighbor, watch the neighbor’s houses and have them watch yours.

·         Keep bushes, and scrubs small and trimmed, as well as trees, large bushes create a great hiding spot.

Interior precautions

·         Have a monitored alarm system installed. Download the app so you can also monitor it on your phone.

·         Install slide locks on double hung or sliding windows that only allow the window to open 6” but are removable from the inside so you may use the window for exit in the case of an emergency.

·         All exterior doors should be made of steel or solid wood.

·         Always lock the door to an attached garage.

·         Always lock all windows and doors whenever you leave the house.

·         Secure sliding patio doors with a vertical bolt or wooden pole laid in the track to prevent the door from opening.

When you are not home

·         Use timers or better use phone apps to turn on lights and the television or radio at random times to give the appearance someone is home.

·         Stop all newspaper deliveries and have your mail held at the post office.

·         Have a neighbor park their car in your driveway.


Follow these precautions and your home is a lot less likely to be broken into.

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