How To Install Rubbermaid Wire Closet Shelving

With the current trend toward smaller homes, efficient use of the space available in closets is increasingly important. In this article I will talk about the proper heights of so you can maximize the space available. For an actual demonstration of wire you can watch my video “How to Install Rubbermaid Wire ” on Youtube on the ContractorJohn channel.

A couple common options are the actual depth of the wardrobe shelf itself, it comes in 12” and 16” depths. This decision depends on the depth of your actual closet; the most common size of wardrobe shelf used is 16”. Secondly is the type of shelf, either standard which has vertical standards every 12” so the hangers cannot freely slide from one end to the other, The other option is called “Free Slide” and is constructed in a way that allows the hanger to freely slide from one end to the other. The choice here is personal and may be affected by the manner you hang and organize your closet.

Heights that the shelves are installed vary depending on how you organize your closet. We assume here you have a standard 8’ ceiling.

AFF is abbreviation for “Above Finished Floor”

1 single shelf for longer garments ……………65” AFF

Double shelf for shorter garments……………42” and 84” AFF


Shoe Shelf ….. Shoes only require 7” in height, I suggest you begin the shoe shelf approximately 12” to 16” AFF; this will place it under any long hanging garments. You cannot install a shoe shelf under a double shelf configuration and get full use of the hanging area. I suggest you install the shoe shelf on a side wall that is too narrow for a regular wardrobe shelf.

If you choose an angled shoe shelf space the mounting points a minimum of 7” apart vertically.

Visit my YouTube channel, at ContractorJohn1 for some great Rubbermaid Wire Closet Shelving installation tips.

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2 Responses to “How To Install Rubbermaid Wire Closet Shelving”

  1. Irm Brown says:

    I really enjoyed your video about installing shelving. As a new widow, I am totally overwhelmed by such things but I have to try. My biggest fear is the drill! I wonder if I shouldn’t purchase a new one, just so I know it’s a late model one and has all the bits??? My husband had one but it’s old as the hills and I’m just not sure. What do you think?

    • Irm,
      Don’t know why I just received notice of this post………. I am sorry for the loss of your husband……No real reason to replace it if it still works, you can always get a new set of bits and they would fit a new drill if you do choose to buy one in the future.
      Check out my YouTube Channel for helpful videos
      Good luck with your projects
      Contractor John

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