Extreme Home Attic Bird Nest; How to Stop Them

Spring is around the corner in many areas and something you may not think about is also right around the corner, nesting season. Birds looking for a new home will be descending upon your house, looking for someplace to call home. There are many species of birds, with many different nesting habits but all birds fall into one of two categories, migratory and non-migratory.

Non-migratory birds that stay in one area during all seasons can and do sometimes change nesting locations during the year. Migratory birds, depending on the species, can return to the same nest year after year or chose a site and build a new nest each year. Some species of birds use multiple nesting areas, as many as 4 or 5 different nests each year.

I know this article is supposed to be about maintaining you home vents systems but I wanted you to realize the number at threats of intrusion to your home from our feathered friends.

Take a couple of minutes and watch the video below for a real life example of what our feathered friends can do.

Pretty incredible isn’t it. The precautions you undertake to keep birds out of your home will also help to keep out squirrels and raccoons out of your home. Well maintained regular type roof and gable vents are generally sufficient to keep animals out of your home. However, after animals have already nested in your home they may go to extreme measure to unlock the door you have locked. In these type of situations you will need some extra protection. On flat vertical surfaces like gable vents you can install heavy metal screening typically from the inside.

Here is a place to purchase that extra protection for your roof vents.


Do not cover a vent or opening until you make sure the intruding animal is not inside your home. If you suspect an animal is still in your home please do not secure the hole or entrance point. Call a wildlife removal service before securing the area of entrance. Finally please be sure to follow all safety precaution when climbing on the roof.



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