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When you do something every day, hopefully you become good at it. We all carry things around in our heads for our job, and they become things we just know, things we do automatically,  mainly because we have done them so many times. We get into trouble when we think that feeling applies to other thing and areas like remodeling. If you  don’t do something every day, or you haven’t been exposed to it in a wide variety of environments you need some assistance.  Even professional remodelers need a reminder once in a while, a place to find the information they need quickly and easily.

Enter  The Dimension Bible for Remodelers and DIYers  (Use code BAFS during checkout for FREE shipping). You could say this book took me  40 years to write, since it is a collection of information I have gleaned over that period of time. Sure some of the book is accepted practice in the remodeling industry but much of it is drawn from my personal experiences. I have built well over 100 single family homes, a handful of multi-family homes, along with thousands of remodeling projects and countless repairs. Add to that  a Residential Housing Inspector Certification and you have a solid and well versed base of knowledge to draw from.

“Each of us is the sum, the total of all our life’s experiences” and as such no other person is as well equipped to address our individual future as we are.  We all have been endowed with the tools necessary or the availability to access them by our God, to complete any task placed in our path. We need only look for and ask for these tools.

In the beginning of the book I spend some time talking about general design principles that you will want to keep in mind when undertaking any project. Then I explain , what it is and what is isn’t. We then explore specific design principles and advice regarding the kitchen and , finishing up with bedrooms and living room/dens.

Now we enter what I call the meat of the book,  the answers to simple questions such as:

  1. How high do I hang this towel bar, where does the toilet paper holder go?
  2. How do I figure out what size bathroom exhaust fan to install?
  3. When you are finishing your basement into that much needed family room, how do I know how many circuits can you put on a 15 amp circuit breaker?
  4. What type of fire extinguisher should you have in the kitchen?
  5. How many bags of concrete mix do I need to fill that hole?
  6. How many squares of shingles do I need for my garage roof?
  7. Where do I mount my new mailbox?
  8. How do I figure out how much mulch I need ?
  9. What is Universal Design?

These types of questions and many more are answered in easy to understand language. There is so much critical and useful information contained in The Dimension Bible, you will keep it by your side whenever you begin your project. Because I have remodeled for decades I realize how important your own notes can be, so I have left plenty of room for your own field notes to make The Dimension Bible very personal

See a sample for yourself at, better yet purchase your copy today and use the code BAFS at checkout for FREE shipping


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