Before You Hire A Contractor, Do These 10 things

These are the top 10 tasks you need to do before you hire any . AKA, Eliminating as much stress as possible.

  1. Prepare the specifications for the job and have the contractors bid from those specifications.
  2. Ask the contractors if they have performed work similar to your project before.
  3. Call all their references, especially previous customers where they performed work similar to yours. Make sure to ask if they would hire them again.
  4. Ask the contractor how long have you been in business under this company name?
  5. Do you pull all the permits that are required?
  6. Do you have insurance, including workers comp coverage, and can I have a copy of your Certificate of Insurance?
  7. Are you licensed in this city/town?
  8. Will you be using any subcontractors? If the answer is yes I will need a copy of their Certificates of Insurance
  9. What associations and organizations do you belong to?
  10. If we have a disagreement we cannot settle what is the process to solve that disagreement?

Preforming these 10 tasks will help to eliminate stress later down the road. Remember there isn’t a shortcut to escaping Contractor John’s 5 P’s…. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

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