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Contractor John Tool Of The Month!!

If you work around the house, then I have a great tool for you this month. It is one of the most versatile and useful tools you will ever invest in. This is great for outside work, such as cleaning gutters, hanging Christmas lights, painting, etc. Bring it inside where you can easily set it up in a stairway to clean light fixtures, or change bulbs. Painting those high ceilings are a breeze. This can be useful in a variety of remodeling projects.
If you need additional height you can stack two sections together. There are optional outriggers for added stability and even a safety rail kit. The wheels have locks that are easy to lock and unlock with your foot.
I have 2 sections that I use for work, and could not be happier with them. Easy to put together and stores flat in an area 2′ x less than 1′.
I had a drop ceiling project where I needed a workbench in the air, so I placed a 2×12 across the 2 ends, instant workbench!
Click on the picture for details!!

Heavy Duty Portable Scaffold

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