The Growing Need For Task Lighting

Do you have an area in your home that is difficult or impossible to read in? Proper distribution of light in a home or work environment is essential. With the growing trend towards energy efficiency and and bulbs, is becoming essential.

Last year we lost the 100 watt incandescent bulb and this year the 75 watt build will disappear and then you can say goodbye to the 60 watt bulb. Once again Congress is making decisions for us, but that problem is a whole other article.

With this fading of the incandescent light bulb and the increased use of LED bulbs and the CFL bulb, which I view as the 8 Track of bulbs, I have noticed a new and growing need in the marketplace, task lighting. The reason for this is that the CFL and the incredibly energy efficient LED bulbs do not yet have the lumens (intensity) of incandescent light bulbs, and a house laid out for conventional lighting, with incandescent lighting, when re-lamped with CFL or LED bulbs has areas that become dark spots. Some of these areas need to have light for us to function in our daily lives.

Designers of new space and newly built homes must take into account the loss of lumens that comes with the energy efficient bulbs and add more general lighting or add task lighting to compensate for that loss of lumens. Of course every time you add something it comes with a cost. In this case that would mean additional electrical openings and light fixtures.

Recessed cans can be installed to illuminate a particular area, that is home for a couch or reading chair but then that furniture is “locked into” that location. Portable lights with adjustable arms are a great solution as well as lamps. Both these solutions can work quite well but will need a close electrical receptacle (in the floor) or have an unsafe electrical extension cord running across the room.

The kitchen is an easy fix with some illuminating the workspace. Usually the bathroom will not be affected by re-lamping. The bedroom is another potential area. Reading in bed could be a thing of the past without a desk style lamp placed somewhere on the headboard.

As you can see re-lamping your existing fixtures with energy efficient bulbs can create a few new problems, but with a little thought, and planning a reasonable solution can be found and applied.

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