Remodeling Your Kitchen? 5 Creative Tips

All major remodeling projects and some minor remodeling projects are complex, and a kitchen remodel leads the way. The kitchen is the most often remodeled room in your home and the most expensive to remodel. Budgets for major kitchen remodels can start at $25,000 and can blossom to $75,000 or more. With any size budget planning is the key. (Insider Secrets To Save You Time and Money) Following are a few different and cost saving options for you to think about to help keep that budget in check, and get the most for your money.

  • Creative treatments for the ceiling. To create a tray ceiling effect, apply 2×4’s, either flat or on edge to the perimeter of the ceiling, cover with drywall, leaving the center open to the original ceiling. Place can lights in either level.
  • If you have a separate dining room you could consider enlarging the island and eliminating the kitchen table.
  • There are many things you can do inexpensively with lighting. LED lighting is so incredibly versatile. Lighting in cabinets with glass doors, and under cabinet ribbon lighting. Trim-Tex has an embedded drywall track that will accept LED ribbon lighting.
  • Consider installing 24” deep cabinet’s floor to ceiling on the refrigerator wall, eliminating the counter-top, but providing lots of storage.
  • Eliminate the kitchen soffits and install taller upper cabinets to increase storage and make the kitchen appear visually taller.

As I always say plan, plan, and plan some more. Planning and research will ultimately save you money and have a functional and visually appealing project. Speaking of Planning a kitchen Remodel, take a look at “Insider Secrets You Can Use To Save Time and Money” while remodeling any room in your house

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