NAHB Professional Designations

Professional Designations

Did you know there are professional designations that a builder or remodeler can earn to show you the homeowner that they have a superior base of knowledge as judged by the National Association of Home Builders? This article will focus on the Certified Graduate Builder (), designation although the process to obtain a Certified Graduate Remodelor () is similar.

The Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) designation is a sign to clients and colleagues that you take education and building knowledge seriously, and you are willing to take the extra steps necessary to gain that knowledge.

We as builders should always be looking for ways to help us stand out from the crowd.

The Builder Assessment Review (BAR) is the first step to obtaining this prestigious designation. The comprehensive assessment will measure the builder’s expertise in the four key areas of the building industry: Building Technology, Business and Finance, Project Management, and Sales and Marketing.

His or her individual results will show where their knowledge is strongest, and where it is the weakest, determining the courses required for that person to obtain their CGB. Essentially the BAR exam allows you to test out of those areas where your knowledge and experience is the strongest. The builders are required to take between 3 and 9 classes and pass a written test for each one of them. They are also required to take continuing education classes to renew their designations

I know a lot of builders think, I don’t need “those letters” after my name to show I have the knowledge and experience to build homes, after all I have been doing it for a long time. The reality of the situation is people are hired, and promoted daily according to “those letters”.  Those letters not only show you the client that the person they are hiring has a degree of proficiency in a particular area and that they are  also a person who has the ability and willingness to learn new things, staying on top of the ever-changing industry. Building the same way as was done 20 or even 10 years ago is not acceptable in today’s marketplace.

You the consumer are better educated than ever and you want to work with like educated building professionals.  70% to 80% of consumers start their search on the internet, researching energy efficiency, alternative building products, green building products, indoor air quality, etc. We builders and remodelers need to say on top of our ever-changing products and industry.

So the next time you hire a builder or remodeler, ask them if they have an industry designation? It will speak volumes about them.

In closing let me say there are other designations available for builders and remodelers as well as trade associates as outlined in the list below.

Certified Active Adult Specialist In Housing (CAASH) (5 items)
CAASH provides the essential knowledge, tools and skills–from conducting initial research to design considerations and features to servicing the customer.

Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) (5 items)
The CAPS designation program teaches the technical, business management, and customer service skills essential to competing in the aging-in-place market.

Certified Graduate Associate (CGA) (5 items)
Learn about the home building business from the best source possible: builders and remodelers with years of field experience.

Certified Graduate Builder (CGB) (5 items)
CGB is an exclusive professional designation designed to emphasize business and project management skills.

Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) (5 items)
Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) is an exclusive professional designation designed to emphasize business management skills as the key to a professional remodeling operation.

Certified Green Professional (CGP) (5 items)
The National Association of Home Builders’ Certified Green Professional™ Designation teaches builders, remodelers and other industry professionals techniques for incorporating green building principles into homes—without driving up the cost of construction.

Certified New Home Marketing Professional (CMP) (5 items)CMP is the mid-level designation for IRM students who have completed the marketing intensive IRM courses I through IV.

Certified New Home Sales Professional (CSP) (5 items)
The CSP designation was designed for specialists in new home sales to enhance their professional image, increase their marketability in the home building industry, and sell more homes!

Graduate Master Builder (GMB) (5 items)
Graduate Master Builder (GMB) courses are more advanced with in-depth instruction geared for experienced building professionals.

Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) (5 items)
Targeted to roll out in 2008, the Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) program includes advanced and updated courses geared toward experienced remodeling professionals.

Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) (5 items)
HCCP is a specialized designation for developers, property managers, asset managers, and others working in the affordable housing industry.

Master Certified New Home Sales Professional (Master CSP) (5 items)
This designation acknowledges the continued educational achievements of graduates of the CSP program.

Master Certified Green Professional (9 items)
Available winter 2010, the Master CGP builds on the Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation and expands into the mechanics of green building. Exclusively for experienced builders and remodelers, the this designation comprises a more in-depth study of green building science and methods.

Master in Residential Marketing (MIRM) (5 items)
The MIRM designation is the top-level achievement for professionals in new home marketing.

Residential Construction Superintendent (RCS) (go to item)
The RCS designation series of courses is geared toward the budding field of superintendents and can benefit current site personnel wishing to excel in this position.

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