Kitchen Countertop Electrical Solution

I recently had a high end remodel with a rather unique request from the designer that called for a creative solution. The backsplash area was an intricate blend of glass tile with a unique design that was not to be interrupted by placement of electrical receptacles. Now I have run into a similar problem with a wall here and there which was solved by adding a floor outlet, but an outlet on the countertop with all the hazards from water.

Enter Mockett and Company ( and their line of innovative products. Their tagline is “Fine Architectural Hardware For Your Fine Furniture” and they mean it. Pop up tower style receptacles are not new but their unit that features a clear rubber collar specifically designed to keep water out when closed is. Their power and data retractable tower fits in a 3 5/32” hole and is UL Listed.

Visit their website, take a tour around the entire website and let your mind go as you see unique product after unique product. Don’t forget to bookmark this site and file it under problem solving ideas.

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  1. pete demus says: does not offer the kitchen pop up tower outlet that you show on your web page. Can you help?

  2. pete demus says: does not show the pop up outlet for kitchen countertop like the one you show on your web site. can you help me find that unit?

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