Finishing Your Basement; 4 Key Points


  • Finishing a basement into a lower level living space can cost significantly less than adding an above ground addition. General cost estimates are $60 sq ft. to $120 sq ft.  Visit Remodeling Magazines Cost vs Value Report for 2016 for more detailed information at
  • Keeping moisture out of your new lower living area is critical. Having any wall cracks professionally sealed, updating or upgrading your sump pump system, including installing a battery backup sump pump is a must have to protect your new living space. Contractor John How To Install a Battery Back-up Sump Pump Video will walk you through the installation.
  • Since your new living apace is below ground and typically exit from that space is not always easy, you will have to make sure you have at least 2 escape routes. Naturally one is the stairway from the house to the basement and the other should be a regulation escape window in the finished area of the basement.
  • Any time you are adding to the electrical system or the plumbing system, or changing any structural component of the house a permit is required. If you complete the project without a permit and the building department finds out they can make you tear out parts of the project to verify you complied with the building code. Also having an area that was completed without building inspections could be a problem when it comes time to sell your home. Always obtain a building permit when necessary.

As with any remodeling project, researching the project and time spent planning all phases of your project is a major key to a professional looking and quality project.
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