Durock Cement Board, The Next Generation

has been around for 25 years and has been the go to product for certain applications such as tub and shower surrounds, countertops, and underlayment for tile floors. It is a great product but can be difficult to work with. “Next Gen” has tried to offer some help in that area.

The “Next Gen” version of Durock is lighter than its predecessor and boasts that it is easier to score and snap. These new features go along with its superior bonding properties and the fact that since it is made from Portland Cement it will not swell of warp of deteriorate when exposed to or even submerged in water. Add to that it’s perfect score of “10” when tested for mold resistance, and you have a superior product.


You can cut Durock with a saw but safety glasses, dust mask and open area is required. The “Next Gen” product has made scoring and breaking, similar to cutting drywall, much easier, and it is the recommended technique. When drilling for fixtures use a low rpm drill and the appropriate hole saw, and don’t forget the safety glasses and dust mask.

Installation techniques over the years have really not changed much. Suggested fasteners include 1¼”Durock screws or 1 ½” galvanized roofing nails to wood studs 16” o.c.. Fasteners should be spaced 8” o.c. for walls and 6” o.c. for ceilings. Space the panels 1/8” apart when applying to walls or ceilings. Fill gaps with latex mortar or organic adhesive (mold can live in some regular adhesives) and embed mesh joint tape. Space panels ¼” from tub or shower pan, using a temporary spacer.

You are now ready to install the tile in your tub or shower area. When tile installation is completed remember to use a silicone based tub and shower caulk at all the intersections of tile and around all fixtures. There are several different caulk bead kits available to help you get a professional looking caulk job. You can find these kits in the caulk aisle of your favorite home improvement store.

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