Creating The Perfect Backyard for Summer

Creating the Perfect Backyard for Summer

By Mary Sauer

Summer has a way of infusing our lives with a carefree nature, so that we give up on rigid schedules and early bedtimes in exchange for late evenings spent with barbecues or drinks on the patio. And that’s why the addition of a backyard space, designed specifically to your needs and lifestyle, is the perfect way to embrace the very best of the summer season. Whether you plan to entertain, or are simply looking for a quiet outdoor space to enjoy iced tea and a good book, your backyard can be transformed into a relaxing place to spend your free time with friends and family. Creating a summer backyard sanctuary doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—here are a few tips for getting started.


Design Your Backyard to Fit Your Lifestyle

The first thing to consider before starting your backyard remodel is how you hope to spend your summer days. Do you like to entertain large groups of people? Or do you prefer to spend quiet evenings with a book and a glass of wine in hand? As with any home improvement project, function is just as important as beauty. If you plan to entertain, include plenty of room for seating, space for a grill, and consider adding a fire pit or a pool if your budget allows. If a solitary retreat from the busyness of everyday life is what you desire, a comfortable set of patio chairs, a hammock, and a pergola decked out with climbing plants can create the perfect atmosphere.

Know When to Hire a Pro

Chances are high you will be able to tackle a lot of your backyard remodel yourself, since basic lawn care and landscaping can be learned by most. However, there is a time and place when hiring a pro is necessary. If you plan to add hardscaping to your backyard, such as a patio, deck, or fire pit, consider the benefits of finding a skilled contractor for the job. Hardscaping requires the ground to be properly prepared and any structures installed will need to be weatherproofed if you hope to get years of enjoyment out of your backyard space. A hardscaping expert understands the unique demands of your specific climate and will have the necessary required training.

Consider the Health of The Earth and Your Family

Lawn care can be beneficial to your health and the health of the environment, but it can also be incredibly harmful if you are not careful. Before selecting any chemicals for your lawn, research the products being used and the effects they could have on your health and your lawn. At Home Improvement Leads, we prioritize green living and have been thrilled to find there are many environmentally-friendly lawn products. If pesticides or weed killers cannot be avoided, make sure you understand how long you or your pets should stay clear of your lawn to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals.


It is too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life, running to and from work or driving kids to their next activity. Embrace the slow pace of summer—because it’s over before you know it—and get started with a backyard retreat you can enjoy with your friends and family all season long

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