Why And How To Plan A Bathroom Remodeling Project

While there are many reasons why people remodel, the bottom line is that remodeling makes your home more enjoyable to live in. The intangible value of this added pleasure must be considered, along with any resale value you hope to gain

There is no doubt that as far as improving the sale price of your home, all remodeling projects are not created equal. The rule of thumb is that any remodeling project which brings your home up to the level of others in the neighborhood is a worthy investment. For example if your home has just one bathroom, adding a second bathroom will probably more than pay for itself when you sell your home, since the average home has 2 and a half baths.

The same is true for a minor kitchen remodel, where you add a few amenities and resurface worn and obsolete tile, and countertops. Not only will these types of projects raise your home’s value but they could be the difference between selling your home and not selling your home.

Potential buyers will compare your home to homes that are newly built and styles they have seen in decorating magazines. Therefore when planning a remodeling project you’ll want to look at design trends and amenities being built into new homes and shape your project around those general trends. Master bedroom suites, home theatres rooms, office space and improved use of natural light are four trends often found in newly built homes.

Something else to consider is the quality of craftsmanship. In previous times home prices were rising so quickly that even medium quality could and did raise a home’s value. That is not the case anymore, as the economy has bottomed out. Buyers are better informed than ever before and as such they are demanding a higher quality of professionalism and quality.

Each year Remodeling magazine conducts its annual “Cost vs. Value” report. In the most recent survey  Realtors in major cities rated popular remodeling projects and estimated what percentage of the cost would be recouped if the project was done by a professional and quality orientated remodeler on a mid priced home in an established neighborhood and the home was sold within one year of the project’s completion. To see this report in detail visit http://ContractorJohn.com and follow the Remodeling Magazine link

Whatever your project is, remember to always do your homework.

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