Consumers Tire Of High Cost Of Going GREEN

I have long said the GREEN movement will not take off in earnest until the price of going GREEN comes down.  In my opinion too many companies have spent way too much money investing in GREEN. The general remodeling and building markets have recently found solid footing, after experiencing an unprecedented downturn. The general public is in large part still licking their wounds and not ready to throw more than a very small slice of their hard earned dollars into going GREEN.

During a recent poll 75% of professional remodelers reported that consumers are not willing to pay a premium for GREEN remodeling projects. The reason is twofold, first there is the original cost involved, and secondly is the insufficient return on the investment.

Although 60% of consumers view as an important part of their remodeling project, very few consumers, 5% to 10% are willing to pay more than a 5% premium.

So where does this leave the GREEN movement? Stuck in the weeds is where it leaves the GREEN movement, with little hope of turning around, until prices come down. Government and their ever increasing rules and regulations add unnecessarily to the GREEN cost. Let the consumer investigate GREEN options, using sweat equity, instead of the government doing it for them.

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