Green Redi Mix Concrete Trucks?

No, not the color of the truck, but environmentally friendly Green. Chicago based Ozinga Redi-Mix, red and white colored trucks, recently purchased 13 burning redi- mix concrete trucks. This purchase of new trucks was the first in 6 years which says something about what they think of our rebounding construction economy.

Each of the KenWorth trucks has an 8.9 liter Cummins- Westport ISL-G engine and an Allison 4500RDS 6 speed automatic (yes automatic) transmission, and a Bridgemaster mixer body. This combination supplies plenty of power to haul the 8.5 yards of concrete that is legal on most Illinois roads, although the mixer drum will hold up to 11 yards of redi-mix concrete.

The trucks are being fueled at a public central Chicago location for now, but Ozinga is willing to install it’s own station if this trial proves successful.

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