2012 Solar Panel Efficiency

SolarPlaza an independent global platform serving the polycrystalline silicon solar PV panel community has recently published a report showing the top module efficiency of solar panels by manufacturers.

  1. Solland Solar       16%
  2. Siliken                  15.70%
  3. LDK Solar             15.67%
  4. Vikram                 15.63%
  5. Wiosun                15.54%
  6. A2Peak                15.50%
  7. CNPV Solar         15.40%
  8. Latitude Solar    15.30%
  9. JA Solar               15.30%
  10. China Sunergy   15.24%


As you can see the industry has a long way to go but has also come a long way. If you are thinking about investing in Solar Panels your home be aware that there are advances in efficiency made quite often and even if you purchase the leader today, in a couple a month’s your panels may not be the top in efficiency. There are other factors to be considered, which I will address in an upcoming article.

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