10 Tips To Save Energy Dollars

Saving energy dollars let me count the ways. Utilizing the information below can make a significant positive impact on your budget. Some of the suggestions may not seem like they will save you energy dollars but add them all up and they will.

  1. Most electronics today have a standby feature which requires power to run. Turn everything off when not in use and eliminate the “standby” drain on your wallet. Plug the components into a utility or power strip and truly turn it off when you are not using it. There are also power settings on your computer to help you . In a windows unit they can be found in the Control Panel.
  2. Install motion activated switches in your rooms so lights are not on when nobody is in the room.
  3. Check with your local utility company to see if they have an plan you can join. Lower the temperature on your thermostat in the winter and raise it in the summer to cut that bill. Even 1 or 2 degrees over the course of a year can make a huge difference. Also installing a programmable thermostat will save you significant money immediately. Program it to turn off when you leave the house and go back on just before you arrive back home. You can also program it to shut down at night when you are sleeping.
  4. Replace all the bulbs in your home with LED type bulbs. Yes they are initially expensive but you will save money over the long run, and they are guaranteed for over10 years.  LED bulbs use about 1/10 the power of an incandescent bulb.
  5. Lower the temperature on your hot water tank. 72% of Americans have the temperature on their hot water tanks set too high and waste significant energy dollars every day.
  6. Make sure to change your furnace filter regularly. This should usually be done every 30 days. A clogged filter is less efficient and causes the blower in your unit to work harder, which results in increased energy consumption.
  7. Operate the washer, dryer and dishwasher only when you have a full load. Also run them at night when the utility rates are lower. Laundry machines and dishwashers only when you have a full load. Using cold water only when washing clothes will also save energy dollars.
  8. Install water saving low-flow shower heads to reduce how much water is used when taking a shower, and cut down on hot water heating.
  9. Rather than heating up the house in the summer with the oven, consider using the microwave whenever possible. Use a photocell/motion sensor on all outside lights. There is no reason to leave exterior lights on all night. If needed for security you can add a motion sensor to turn on the lights when it senses motion.
  10. Adjust door thresholds to keep out drafts and check seals around windows and door frames.

After reading my suggestions I am sure you are thinking about other ways you can save energy and dollars. Make a list of additional ways you can save energy and then implement them.

A great way to track them is to enter the bills from water, gas and into an excel spreadsheet. Then as new bills come in after your energy savings plan has been implemented you can create a graph that shows the savings. If you feel like sharing your success at saving energy dollars, feel free to email me the information and I will include it on my blog.


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