Trendy Bathroom Design For 2012

Hardware and accessories pull things together they are the finishing touches. Gone are the days when this hardware and accessories were of similar textures, materials and finishes. Today the trend is toward simplicity. Clean looks, simple soft lines without anything too ornate is the trend. Clients are also looking for bathrooms that function as relaxation centers. Designs that provide a calm and serene environment are being asked for more and more.  People are under more stress every day and want to bring the spa into their home. Towel warmers, heated floors, media and larger overall bathrooms are being seen, in every type of new home.

and aging in place elements are being seen with more frequency in large part because of the aging market place. Grab bars once seen as a tool for the elderly are now being featured in contemporary . They are being recognized as a feature that everyone can use for safety.

Featured materials that are trendy include glass, crystal, brass and metals that were found outdoors are now being brought into the bathrooms of today. Brushed nickel, polished chrome, and are the top 3 finishes. Also in demand are living finishes that age or develop a patina over time. and brass are two such metals that age and develop the type of patina that gives a piece that aged look and some added character. is also another material that is being used more in bathrooms.

In the past newer style materials were not quite as bold; consequently often entailed renovating the entire room, replacing everything. A great advantage to using these newer types of materials is that they tend to give the bathroom a whole new look without a full blown renovation, which requires a much smaller budget. Changing the faucet, towel bars, and light fixtures, coupled with adding some glass tile and paint can give a bathroom a fresh and trendy feel while staying within a reasonable budget.

Many of the bog box home improvement stores have displays of coordinated tiles, paint and fixture selections, already made for you, making it much easier for you to have a professional look and feel to your bathroom renovation project.


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