Dryer Box

The Dryer Box has been around since 1995 and has solved a problem that has been with us for a long time, What to do with the dryer hose.

The dryer box as you can see fits in the wall cavity between the studs, and creates a vertical recess for the dryer vent hose. Gone are the days where the hose is laying on the floor smashed between the dryer and the wall. The shorter and more direct the exhaust run is the better the efficiency of the dryer becomes. Lint buildup is a real cause of home fires and with the Dryer Box the majority of this problem is eliminated.

Another added feature is that you can stub the gas pipe into the Dryer Box for easy connection. As you can see in the picture  the dryer vent hose is offset to allow ample room for the gas pipe placement either in the top, bottom or the right side.

Check out the specifications on the Dryer Box at their website DryerBox.com and order this great product today.

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