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Basement Metal Window Frame Replacement

The solution is actually pretty easy, however the material selection has always been the sticking point; but not anymore. Enter Azek wood products and their solid plastic line of dimensional lumber. Azek wood is approved for contact to concrete, below grade applications, as well as wet conditions

Building A Coach House in Lemont, IL.

Building a Coach House Video

Proper Grading Around Your Home

In this article we will focus on a real life example of below grade water seepage, and the moisture rich environment that created which allowed mold to form and grow wildly. . Under normal conditions water will find its way through the soil, to the drain tile where it is then pumped out, but in this instance the constant moisture and amount of water being directed towards the foundation wall was too much for the system to handle. Refer to my previous article “Water in Your Basement?”

Important Notice For Cold Weather Sump Pump Owners

I am amazed at how many times I see sump pump discharges installed in correctly. Now that the weather is warm, you have time to fix it. I have prepared a short video for homeowners living in a climate that includes below freezing temperatures.

Should You Hire A Professional Decorator?

If you are interested in redecorating your bathroom, do you have any idea what you would like completed? Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy to decorate the bathroom as it may seem. You may spend days or even weeks looking for the perfect bathroom theme or décor. If you

Acculine Pro Laser Level

Enter the Acculine Pro Laser Level Model # 40-6502. This unit comes in a sturdy case, with a well thought out design, with everything you need to set elevations both outside and out. AccLine Pro Laser Level As you can see it has a sturdy tripod and a 2 sided, 2 colored elevation pole. It also comes with all the necessary

Everyone is an Electrician

I apologize if i seem a bit harsh, but I just spent 2 days on a remodel project just sorting through the electrical mess that was left by the previous remodeler. He broke every rule there is to break, he even buried a junction box in the ceiling, stuffed with newspaper to support the joint compound he used to fill the hole. In summary if you don’t know what you are doing then please don’t do it, especially with electricity.

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