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Magnitizer/DeMagnitizer from Wiha Tools

A Kool Tool from We all have had to work with small screws, nuts and washers. The magnetizer from Wiha Tools makes working with them a lot easier. You can magnetize your screwdriver, or something people don’t often think about it to magnetize the washer to the nut, or magnetize the screw itself. Check […]

10 Moving Tips That Make Life Easier

TIP #4 If you use a shredder for your personal papers use the paper you have shredded for packing material.

House Cleaning Shortcuts That Slash Your Cleaning Time

Newspaper works great for cleaning mirrors and windows. You’ll not only be saving money on paper towels, but you’ll be creatively recycling at the same time. Vinegar is an affordable and effective cleaner that can be used on windows and mirrors, and if you wait for an overcast day to clean your windows and mirrors, you’re less likely to have streaks.

Quick Tip: Check Your Traps

To the left is a simple drawing of a trap. The trap itself is buried below the floor, but you can see how it uses water to form a seal and keeps the sewer gas smell out of your living space. To inspect it and add water simply remove

Door Creeps Open or Shut

Do you have a door that either creeps shut or open? This Quick Tip will solve the problem! Pull¬† out a hinge pin and lay it on a concrete floor, or other hard surface. Hit it in the middle with a hammer. Hot too hard, just enough to put a slight bend in it. Reinsert […]

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