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Installing a Saddle Valve for Humidifier or Ice Maker

I just received a call from a relative who just turned on the water supply to the humidifier and it was now leaking. After a couple questions, followed by a suggestion the problem was remedied in a few minutes. This phone call got me to thinking about those troublesome saddle valves that supply water to so many humidifiers and ice makers.

Creating The Perfect Backyard for Summer

Whether you plan to entertain, or are simply looking for a quiet outdoor space to enjoy iced tea and a good book, your backyard can be transformed into a relaxing place to spend your free time with friends and family.

Do You Have a Fresh Air House?

All houses are drafty to some extent, although older homes seem to have more “fresh air” flowing through them. When talking drafts, most people are referring to winter time cold air drafts. They seem to forget if the cold air enters in the winter then the hot air will enter in the summer when you are using the air conditioning. Stopping this draftiness is a great way to save energy and therefore energy dollars.

Warning Signs of a Faulty Foundation

Cracking, bowing and off setting are three types of conditions that should be monitored. We will begin by taking a look at cracking. Minor cracking can occur in poured concrete and cinder block foundations. These are caused by the drying and curing process and should be no reason for alarm.

6 Must Haves for Move Up Home Buyers

As a move-up home buyer you have had time to figure out your lifestyle. What works for you and your family and what doesn’t. Here are 6 tips to help you select that new home for you and your family that will make life more enjoyable. Technology: USB wall outlets, WiFi friendliness, Bluetooth addressable security […]

Video Surveillance: Know The Rules and Your Rights

  I am straying  a little from “home” today, but I thought this topic is an important one and needs some attention. I hope you agree, or disagree. Feel free to comment below. I think George Orwell had it right. In his book “1984” George talks about a futuristic society where among other things our […]

Selling Your Home? Create a Great 1st Impression

Looking at your own house objectively is very difficult. I suggest you contact a local designer or interior decorator.

Finishing Your Basement; 4 Key Points

Finishing a basement into a lower level living space can cost significantly less than adding an above ground addition. General cost estimates are $60 sq ft. to $120 sq ft.  Visit Remodeling Magazines Cost vs Value Report for 2016 for more detailed information at Keeping moisture out of your new lower living area is […]

Surge Protection for The Entire House

We have all heard of surge protectors. Surge protection is usually integrated into those power strips we use to plug all our computer equipment into. In days gone by that may have been enough protection, but not in today’s world of home electronics. Enter the whole house surge protector. Although studies show that only about […]

What Insurance Should Contractors Have?

  All contractors are required to have some kind of insurance to comply with local, state, and national laws. Insurance also protects contractors and their businesses from liability, while also helping employees who suffer through an accident. However, many contractors will feel overwhelmed while trying to navigate the intimidating, complicated world of insurance. Here, we […]

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