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Understanding The Many Sides Of Plywood

OSB is made up of strands of wood approximately 1” x 6”. These stands are orientated into specific positions relative to each other, and glued together. Their orientation is the feature that makes OSB different from wafer board and adds strength.

Items That Should Be In Every Remodeling Contract

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry spells out the following key elements that every remodeling contract should have:

Discover How You Can Quickly and Easily Save Time and Money Without Home Remodeling Nightmares

Enter The Dimension Bible for Remodelers and DIYers . You could say this book took me 40 years to write, since it is a collection of information I have gleaned over that period of time. Sure some of the book is accepted practice in the remodeling industry but much of it is drawn from my personal experiences.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Real Estate

Your research would also include the current price and any recent sales prices of this property and similar properties in the area. It is better to look at houses………

Glass Interior Doors, Dress It Up

I have installed them as a kitchen pantry door and a master bathroom door.

The Common Nail is Not So Common

Wherever you buy your nails I am sure you have seen sizes such as 16d or 8d nails, or heard the term 16 penny nail.. Have you ever wondered how nails got their names? Let me explain the history.

There are a couple schools of thought as to how the name “penny”,

Universal Design is For Everyone

If we take a look at universal design in our homes we can find many examples that a mere 10 years ago were absent from our home. Although some of which may have been used commercially or in situations where you were building or remodeling for disabled persons. Infrared sensors on faucets and hand dryers are just such examples, as are infrared sensors on toilets.

Building A Coach House in Lemont, IL.

Building a Coach House Video

How To Build a Home: Step by Step

Building a home is a step by step process, and can turn into a nightmare if the steps are not completed in order. In this article we will provide a general outline of the steps and the order they should be completed in the construction process. Some steps must be completed before others, while others may be completed together, or their timing may be somewhat flexible.

How to Correctly Select A Lot For Your New Home

The following is a checklist and to do list. Hopefully you will read this article before you have actually purchased your lot, as some of the items below are best done before the actual purchase of a lot.

Assess your financial situation

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