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Lower Costs Equal Successful Green Building

Almost everyone knows what Green Building and Green Products are, but the majority of builders and consumers have not jumped on board the “Green Train” as many in the industry had hoped. There is plenty of anecdotal information as to why, but NAHB and leading building product manufacturers’ representatives wanted to know for sure. They recently

The Why’s of Adding Insulation To Your Attic

With spring coming insulation is not on the mind of a lot of people. But spring is a great time to get up in the attic, before that summer heat comes and install an additional layer of insulation to help keep the summer cooling bills down. I think the best website for energy savings information […]

Adjust Your Threshold and Save Energy

Saving energy can be really involved or it can be simple and inexpensive. Today we are going to talk about something that is very inexpensive to do and will save you energy which in turn will save you dollars. How to adjust the threshold on your exterior door. The adjustable type thresholds we know today […]

Extend The Life of Your Water Heater and Save Energy

Water is Water, right? Wrong! Minerals in your water can ruin your water heater by rusting it from the inside out, or these minerals can settle in the bottom of your tank and create a layer between the water that needs to be heated and the burner. This layer will cause you to use more […]

Saving Energy with CFL Light Bulbs

One bonus of CFL’s or LED’s are if you are thinking about or have solar panels or other green energy sources the reduced wattage will reduce the amount of panels you need, and that can be a big savings.
I hope I have shed some light…. On a sometimes confusing subject.

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