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Surge Protection for The Entire House

We have all heard of surge protectors. Surge protection is usually integrated into those power strips we use to plug all our computer equipment into. In days gone by that may have been enough protection, but not in today’s world of home electronics. Enter the whole house surge protector. Although studies show that only about […]

Electrical Tools for The Homeowner

Contractor John talks about and recommends electrical tools for the homeowner, in this informative video,

Kitchen Countertop Electrical Solution

Enter Mockett and Company ( and their line of innovative products. Their tagline is “Fine Architectural Hardware For Your Fine Furniture” and they mean it.

Everyone is an Electrician

I apologize if i seem a bit harsh, but I just spent 2 days on a remodel project just sorting through the electrical mess that was left by the previous remodeler. He broke every rule there is to break, he even buried a junction box in the ceiling, stuffed with newspaper to support the joint compound he used to fill the hole. In summary if you don’t know what you are doing then please don’t do it, especially with electricity.

Blowing Fuses, What To Do?

STOP… When a fuse or breaker pops it is for a very good reason, it is called safety. When homes were built years ago, they did not have electrical gadgets like microwaves, dishwashers, trash compacters and hair dryers and computers, just to name a few. Wiring a house was a simple matter, one circuit to the kitchen was enough, and the

The Purpose for The Colors of Household Wiring

Have you ever wondered why all the different colors or wiring? Have you ever opened up an electrical box like a switch or receptacle and wondered what wire is for what? After reading this article you will be able to differentiate between the wires in the box and make some sense of them. What do […]

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