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First Time Homebuyers: 5 Critical Questions to Ask

It’s the American dream, own your own home and raise your family in it. Buying your own home, actually the home buying process is a difficult and often confusing one. Here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself and discuss with your partner before you buy.

6 Must Haves for Move Up Home Buyers

As a move-up home buyer you have had time to figure out your lifestyle. What works for you and your family and what doesn’t. Here are 6 tips to help you select that new home for you and your family that will make life more enjoyable. Technology: USB wall outlets, WiFi friendliness, Bluetooth addressable security […]

Top Ten Home Buying Tips!

Do not ask everyone’s opinion about the house, it’s not your mom’s house or your BFF’s, it’s going to be your home and you’re going to be living in it. Do ask everyone who will be living there for their opinion, such as your children. Do not negotiate yourself out of a great house by […]

Selling Your Home? Create a Great 1st Impression

Looking at your own house objectively is very difficult. I suggest you contact a local designer or interior decorator.

4 Tips For A Smoother Home Closing

Purchasing a home can be a sometimes overwhelming process, wrought with emotion. Following these 4 tips will help smooth out those emotions and the entire home buying process. Stay Calm Staying calm in an emotionally charged situation such as home buying is much easier said than done, but it is imperative. Your emotion will spill […]

Millennial’s  Purchasing Smaller, and Less Expensive Homes

Less than 9% of millennial’s purchased new homes compared to 12% among older generation buyers. Millennial’s also showed an increased preference for multi-family condominiums.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Real Estate

Your research would also include the current price and any recent sales prices of this property and similar properties in the area. It is better to look at houses………

Purchasing A New Home? Points To Consider

If every member of the family is not involved in the decision making process they may not feel that their feelings and needs are important. Young children are especially vulnerable to emotional turmoil, especially

Credit Card Delinquencies; The Real Trends

A “go to” report I have always relied on was the credit card delinquency rates. When things get bad people will pay the mortgage, rent and utility bills but credit cards go to the back of the line.

Sell Your Home; Features That Help

Rating on a 1 to 10 scale, features people most wanted in their home, master bedroom walk in closets came out on top with an 8.24 rating, followed by a great room, (kitchen, living, and dining combo space) at 7.77. Higher ceilings

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