Sell Your Home; Features That Help

We all have known for years that attractive and functional kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, and this general trend has not changed during the market downturn, but in a recent survey that rated key living spaces, another feature was tops in the results.

Rating on a 1 to 10 scale, features people most wanted in their home, master bedroom walk in closets came out on top with an 8.24 rating, followed by a great room, (kitchen, living, and dining combo space) at 7.77. Higher ceilings (over 9’) were next at 7.43 followed closely with energy-efficient features at 7.25.

In the continued shift towards working from your home, a formal office space without a separate entrance rated 5.88 as a key feature they needed. An informal office space or computer nook rated 5.75.

In the outdoor space category oversized garages topped the results with a 7.23, a 2 car garage rated 7.05 and a 3 car rated 6.96. We do love our garages.

Switching gears to key features in existing space, kitchen area islands were tops with 7.24 followed by a walk-in pantry at 6.98. Following the pantry was a breakfast nook or breakfast bar rated high at 6.59 and 6.58 respectively. Despite the Green movement a recycling center was rated at 4.55.

Not surprisingly a double vanity or double bowl in the bathroom was deemed necessary by a whopping 84% of respondents. A second bathroom with a tub/shower combo scored 7.23. Other high-ranking bathroom features were additional storage space 6.84 and universal design features at 5.61.

Although the trend towards slightly smaller homes has continued buyers continue to want upgraded features in their homes. Building these sought after features into a smaller footprint calls for creative design and flex space, but will be worth the time, energy and expense when it’s time to sell.

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