Sell Your Home Fast: The How To

The real-estate market is very competitive, especially with the recent downturn in the economy.  As a result of that we have seen a huge increase in the number of foreclosures and also occupied properties that are for sale.

If you have decided to put your house on the market, be prepared to wait, unless you are extremely flexible and your home is marketable. Gladly, there are a few things you can do to help your home get noticed and hopefully sell quickly.

  • Curb Appeal


You won’t ever sell the house if you can’t get them out of the car and into the house. Curb appeal is, in my opinion one of the most important aspects of marketing and selling a house. Many years ago I purchased an FHA foreclosure that needed a lot of work both inside and out. I began working on the inside and managed to make it a cute little home, but used the entire budget on the inside. I saw the outside needed some help, but thought wait until they see the inside, that will make up for it, wrong! The house was on the market for 6 months without anyone going inside. They simply drove by and saw the broken, cracked driveway, and patio, no landscaping, weeds all over, a roof that would need replacing in a couple years and no sidewalk to the front door.

I wound up renting it out and making improvements to the exterior over the next year and then put it back on the market and it sold to the first couple that saw it! Curb appeal is something not to be overlooked.


  • Hire  An Experienced Agent


An experienced real-estate agent, with knowledge about your neighborhood and its market history can help in selling your house quickly. A quality real estate agent will have contacts and resources that you don’t have, resources that will enable them to sell your home quickly and generally for a higher price.


• Set a Reasonable Asking Price


Initial asking price is always important; it could either make or break the sale of your home.  Your real estate agent will have a professional opinion on what should be the appropriate price for your house. A house which is too expensive may push away prospective clients, while a very low price may raise some questions on the credibility of the property.  You should ask your agent to do a comparable market analyses (CMA) to get an idea on what other houses in your area sold for in your area, and then follow their advice.


• De-clutter


Potential buyers will want to live in a nice clean, roomy home, not a messy, cluttered one. Remove all the clutter and tidy up.  Put away things that are not frequently used.  Make your house look more spacious by getting rid of unnecessary furniture, clearing out cabinets, and removing items on top of tables and shelves.  Do not smoke in the house and do not cook foods such as fish, and bacon, instead put an apple pie in the oven.


• Home staging


Home staging is an alternative if your home is empty.  Home staging is about redesigning or arranging furniture around the home to make it more neutral, homey and comfortable for the prospective buyers. Home staging will help the client’s picture themselves in the house.  There are staging companies that you can hire for this purpose, or you can contact a local interior designer.


• Minor Home Repairs


You should fix minor problems, such as broken or dripping faucets, torn screens, cracked glass, or non-functioning window treatments.  Make a list of these types of problems and set aside a day to take care of them before you put your house on the market.  You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in a day. By completing these minor repairs, you have removed some potential negotiating points from the table.


• Let the House Sell Itself


When prospective buyers visit your house, it is better if you are not there. The real estate agent will take care of showing the prospective buyers the house.  Of course, you would like to meet the people and show them how great the house is, but it would be uncomfortable for both the buyer and you. If you are there, the buyers will not be able to talk to the real estate agent and express their honest opinion of the house.  If you have taken the above advice the house will show well. If you must have a representative there your real estate agent can also be there.


In this, buyers market, flexibility is the key to selling. There are fewer buyers; therefore they can be more demanding. Remember above all, as hard as it is; don’t be emotional about the sale. You may be selling for less than you wanted or expected but you are also buying your next home for less than you could have several years ago.

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