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Video Surveillance: Know The Rules and Your Rights

  I am straying  a little from “home” today, but I thought this topic is an important one and needs some attention. I hope you agree, or disagree. Feel free to comment below. I think George Orwell had it right. In his book “1984” George talks about a futuristic society where among other things our […]

Building Your Home; Finding The Perfect Lot

Finding a lot to build on is simple right? Not so fast. First of all please understand I am not putting down sellers, or Realtors, but I have seen it happen time and time again, sellers relay incorrect information to the Realtors and or buyers such as, “utilities are on the lot” or “the lot […]

Selling Your Home? Create a Great 1st Impression

Looking at your own house objectively is very difficult. I suggest you contact a local designer or interior decorator.

5 Tips To Keeping Rain Water Out Of Your Home

Increase the grade from your house to quickly move water away from your homes foundation before it has a chance to soak into the ground and infiltrate your foundation. Take care not to place dirt above the top of your foundation.

Finishing Your Basement; 4 Key Points

Finishing a basement into a lower level living space can cost significantly less than adding an above ground addition. General cost estimates are $60 sq ft. to $120 sq ft.  Visit Remodeling Magazines Cost vs Value Report for 2016 for more detailed information at Keeping moisture out of your new lower living area is […]

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