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Glass Interior Doors, Dress It Up

I have installed them as a kitchen pantry door and a master bathroom door.

The Common Nail is Not So Common

Wherever you buy your nails I am sure you have seen sizes such as 16d or 8d nails, or heard the term 16 penny nail.. Have you ever wondered how nails got their names? Let me explain the history.

There are a couple schools of thought as to how the name “penny”,

Student Loan Debt Slowing Real Estate Market

I guess if you work for the government you can put the spin on anything to support your point of view.

The bottom line is that college debt is crippling our children, and it is negatively affecting

Repairing Caulk Joints on Your Home’s Exterior

A short video on where to look for damaged caulk joints on your home’s exterior

The Dimension Bible for Remodelers and DIYers

The Dimension Bible is really 3 books in one. It is a type of building code book for single family homes written in English, so everyone can understand it, a how to or where to install things in your home book and a handy estimating guide for remodeling projects. Even saying that there is some […]

Latest Housing Trends Q3 2014

Trends in Kitchen remodeling projects show that changes in floor plan lead the way, followed closely by updating of cabinets and appliances. This speaks well of consumer confidence……………..

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