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Moisture Captured; The Problem Born Of Energy Efficiency

We are going to focus this article on bathroom moisture and how to reduce it correctly. The greatest aid in removing moisture from the bathroom is the exhaust fan. If it is not used and sized correctly it will have less than the optimum effect.

Stop Squeaky Floors

This technique requires two people and access to the underside of the floor. Get your stepladder in the area of the squeaks and have your partner walk around the room you are working on. How to say this delicately…. You need a heavier person walking on the floor, in this case the more the better.

The Complete Drywall and Taping Guide

USG makes a great taping/patching product called Sheetrock EZ-Sand which comes in a 5 minute, 20 minute, 45 minute, and 90 minute setting time. I use the 20 minute and 45 minute product almost all the time. A little trick to make any of it set faster is to mix it with hot water instead of room temperature water.

Universal Design is For Everyone

If we take a look at universal design in our homes we can find many examples that a mere 10 years ago were absent from our home. Although some of which may have been used commercially or in situations where you were building or remodeling for disabled persons. Infrared sensors on faucets and hand dryers are just such examples, as are infrared sensors on toilets.

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