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Mice a Problem? Check out these 5 Quick and Easy Mouse-Proofing Tips

This time of the year more than others mice and other animals look for a home for the winter. Protect yourself against mice making a home in your home, by following these easy tips.

Congress Reauthorizes National Flood Insurance Program Through 2017

NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) has worked tirelessly to have the projected July 31st expiration of this program extended for 5 more years. This extension will provide security to the individual homeowner who needs this insurance to satisfy their mortgage requirement. The NAHB effort will also add stability to the general housing market.

10 Quick and Easy Tips to Save Household Energy

Install a setback thermostat, program it and use it
Keep shades and curtains drawn during the summer days and let the sun shine in during the winter

Home Remodeling; Helpful Websites and Apps

Try out the tools and you will be amazed how much time and energy they save you.

DeWalt Cordless Drill Review

I highly recommend you also purchase the DeWalt DW2163HEX 37-Piece Fastener-Set and the 16 piece DeWalt DW1956 Pilot Point Twist Drill Bit Assortment. between these 2 extra kits you have everything you will need for household projects.

All Handy Homeowners Should Own This

Contractor John Tool Of The Month!! If you work around the house, then I have a great tool for you this month. It is one of the most versatile and useful tools you will ever invest in. This scaffold is great for outside work, such as cleaning gutters, hanging Christmas lights, painting, etc. Bring it […]

Building A Coach House in Lemont, IL.

Building a Coach House Video

Proper Grading Around Your Home

In this article we will focus on a real life example of below grade water seepage, and the moisture rich environment that created which allowed mold to form and grow wildly. . Under normal conditions water will find its way through the soil, to the drain tile where it is then pumped out, but in this instance the constant moisture and amount of water being directed towards the foundation wall was too much for the system to handle. Refer to my previous article “Water in Your Basement?”

Durock Cement Board, The Next Generation

The “Next Gen” version of Durock is lighter than its predecessor and boasts that it is easier to score and snap. These new features go along with its superior bonding properties and the fact that since it is made from Portland Cement it will not swell of warp of deteriorate when exposed to or even submerged in water. Add to that it’s perfect score of “10” when tested for mold resistance, and you have a superior product.

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