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House Cleaning Shortcuts That Slash Your Cleaning Time

Newspaper works great for cleaning mirrors and windows. You’ll not only be saving money on paper towels, but you’ll be creatively recycling at the same time. Vinegar is an affordable and effective cleaner that can be used on windows and mirrors, and if you wait for an overcast day to clean your windows and mirrors, you’re less likely to have streaks.

The Growing Need For Task Lighting

Designers of new space and newly built homes must take into account the loss of lumens that comes with the energy efficient bulbs and add more general lighting or add task lighting to compensate for that loss of lumens. Of course every time you add something it comes with a cost. In this case that would mean additional electrical openings and light fixtures.

Quick Tip: Check Your Traps

To the left is a simple drawing of a trap. The trap itself is buried below the floor, but you can see how it uses water to form a seal and keeps the sewer gas smell out of your living space. To inspect it and add water simply remove

How To Properly Size a Kitchen Exhaust Hood

There are 2 ways to correctly size the fan. The first method is to allow 1 CFM of air flow for every 100 BTU’s of heat output of each appliance. The second is to allow for 15 ACH (Air Changes per Hour). To calculate that you would use the formula width x length x height= cubic feet/4. Then multiply by 15 ACH and divide by 60 minutes = total CFM’s needed.

Universal Design is for Everyone

If we take a look at universal design in our homes we can find many examples that a mere 10 years ago were absent from our home. Although some of which may have been used commercially or in situations where you were building or remodeling for disabled persons. Infrared sensors on faucets and hand dryers are just such examples, as are infrared sensors on toilets.

Universal Design in the Kitchen

If you need examples please refer to my other articles on universal design. Please remember universal design is not just for disabled people. If you are designing for a disabled person and/or a wheel chair bound person please refer to the ADA guidelines for kitchen design.

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