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Construction Terminology

Understand the above terms and their application and you will know more than 95% of homeowners, and you will impress your remodeling contractor and more importantly you will increase the effectiveness of your communication during your project.

Quality Remodeling Increases Home Value

There is no doubt that a substantial and well thought out remodeling project will improve the value of your home, and therefore the sale price of your home, depending on various factors. The rule of thumb is that any remodeling project ………….

10 Tips To Save Energy Dollars

Most electronics today have a standby feature which requires power to run. Turn everything off when not in use and eliminate the “standby” drain on your wallet. Plug the components into a utility or power strip and truly turn

Trendy Bathroom Design For 2012

Today the trend is toward simplicity. Clean looks, simple soft lines without anything too ornate is the trend. Clients are also looking for bathrooms that function as relaxation centers. Designs that provide a calm and serene environment are being asked for more and more. People are under more stress every day and want to bring the spa ………

Rent Increases on the Horizon

Vacant apartments in the US have dropped to 5.2%, a 10 year low in the 4th quarter. This may be good news for the construction industry, but for people

Realtors Get It Right, Finally

The National Association of Realtors, NAR, has corrected and published the long awaited existing home sale numbers from 2007 to the present. As we learned in an earlier statement the previously published existing home sale numbers were to high due to a faulty method of tracking sales.

Dryer Box

The Dryer Box has been around since 1995 and has solved a problem that has been with us for a long time, What to do with the dryer hose.

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